January 25, 2017 in Well Being

Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto. – Dale Carnegie

There is one essential question that you need to ask each morning, “Am I going to seize the day or merely accept what comes?” Frankly, there are only two ways to approach the day ahead. One is to actively pursue your goals and dreams. The other is to passively receive whatever the day brings. Passively receiving is subject to chance, but actively pursuing is built on choice.

I sat down next to a group of educators at a professional development seminar a few days ago. Most of them were hoping that the presenter would offer some wise words and strategies that would help them. But one enthusiastic teacher in the group said, “I am going to find some nuggets in this presentation that I will use to take my teaching to the next level!” Certainly those who planned on passively surviving looked upon this lone thriver with confusion. She clearly violated all of the social norms of a required professional development session. She wasn’t planning to wait and hope, totally dependent on the skills of the presenter. Instead, she had a clear intention - to seek those things she needed to grow. She even raised her hand and asked questions… Who does that!

As a principal, I was a habitual passive receiver. I spent countless days letting circumstances determine the kind of day I had. I left it up to chance, just accepting whatever came my way. Some days were lovely; others were unpleasant at best. I hadn’t yet realized that there was another option. I could seize the day and intentionally squeeze every drop of goodness out of it. I could go into each day with an intention and purposefully act on that intention. Now, instead of waiting for opportunities to come, I take them. Better yet, I make them.

How will you answer that essential question tomorrow? Will you be a mere survivor or a resolute thriver? Will you accept the day or will you seize it?


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