How would your classroom or school be different if:

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the beliefs that influence their outcomes?

  • Teachers and leaders were more aware of how they subtly communicate these beliefs?

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the energy they bring to their roles?

  • Students were surrounded by more positive energy and high expectations every day?

Bring Purposeful Principals to your school, district or organization to help your leaders work with more energy, resilience and passion.

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  • Map Changers

    Do you ever feel worn out and weary at the thought of one more new program, new initiative or policy change? We have to admit that we have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and overextended in our efforts to bring lasting change to our schools.

  • Seize the Day

    There is one essential question that you need to ask each morning, “Am I going to seize the day or merely accept what comes?” Frankly, there are only two ways to approach the day ahead. One is to actively pursue your goals and dreams. The other is to passively receive whatever the day brings.

  • Prospecting for Potential

    One thing is certain when it comes to your students – what you look for, you will find. If you look for problems and deficits, you will find them. If you look for gifts and strengths, you will find them.