How would your classroom or school be different if:

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the beliefs that influence their outcomes?

  • Teachers and leaders were more aware of how they subtly communicate these beliefs?

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the energy they bring to their roles?

  • Students were surrounded by more positive energy and high expectations every day?

Bring Purposeful Principals to your school, district or organization to help your leaders work with more energy, resilience and passion.

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  • If It Falls

    In the middle of Hurricane Irma passing directly over our little bungalow, I had a familiar feeling. It was a feeling that I’ve had many times as a school leader. You see, we have a big, beautiful oak tree in our backyard, and it’s a little too close to the house for comfort.

  • Obligations or Opportunities

    Isn’t it strange how two people can see the same situation in two completely different ways? It speaks to the power of thoughts over circumstances. We have, if we so choose, the power to find the treasure or the trouble in anything.

  • Breaking Up with Data

    For the last three months, I have watched the teachers and leaders I love (the ones I have witnessed making an undeniable impact on kids) feel defeated by VAM (Value-Added Model) scores and school grades. In supporting them, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my own love-hate relationship with data.